Why Choose Offsite Backup Tape Storage & Disaster Recovery?

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When your organisation is hit by a disaster which results in loss of sensitive and important data, your organisation could come to a standstill. Therefore, for any organisation, the ‘principle of continuity’ demands that you keep all the essential and important data backed-up. However the danger which comes with keeping copies of confidential and sensitive data is that if they are not properly managed and protected, could potentially lead to a security breach.

Bypassing the problem of breaches with offsite storage

  • Offsite storage: Ensures that the information is stored offsite in a specialist facility, specially designed to protect confidential information. This means unauthorised personnel cannot access these files unless they have the permission to handle the data from another location.

The other advantage that comes from offsite would appear to be that while some calamity or accident could affect your primary data stored on your premises, the same phenomenon wouldn’t affect the backups stored at a different location. Also outsourced third party offsite storage of backups ensures that they are properly stored under controlled conditions ensuring that they remain protected.

An overview of the pros of offsite backup tape storage & disaster recovery

After having reviewed why you should consider an offsite tape storage option for your data backup and disaster recovery program, here are a few other advantages to consider:

  • Despite common perception, tape storage is actually an inexpensive medium for storage.
  • Tape storage is reliable as long as the tapes are stored correctly.
  • Tape storage at a secure facility offsite ensures that you have a secure backup ready in case of a natural disaster or mishap.
  • When reliable drivers and appropriate secure transportation is used, the chances of a breach in transit is minimised.
  • Often a comprehensive and well organised program will also ensure that all your information is systematically backed-up and retrieval is convenient and efficient.
  • In case of any disaster when quick recovery is the aim, you will find that offsite tape backups are systematically organised which will greatly speed up the recovery process.

However, these pros would apply to you only if you were able to be completely competent and efficient. Specialist employee time and effort will assist in the process, saving you time, money and productivity, however there are specialist outsource partners which, in the long run, may you save a lot more resources.

How to choose the right partner to outsource offsite backup tape storage & disaster recovery?

Since you will be entrusting important and at times confidential information, you are effectively putting your reputation and your efficiency in their hands. And that is why you need to choose wisely.

Criteria for consideration when outsourcing are:

  • Make sure that they are a reputable organisation whose credibility you can trust. This way you can be rest assured that all your tapes will be securely stored.
  • They should provide you with secure transportation.
  • Also audit their process, to ensure that they take utmost care to protect your tapes from accidental damage.
  • Does the partner have an organised auditing system in place? This will ensure that even though your tapes are stored offsite, when the need arises, accessing the needed information is hassle-free.
  • Also look out for partners who will assist you in the restoration and disaster management process as well.

Securing backups from corruption or data loss whilst ensuring perfect continuity of your organisation through disaster recovery is always going to be a wise decision.