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The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recently published the results of its survey of 6,640 Australian businesses on the use of cloud services, the first of its kind to be undertaken by the Bureau1.

The survey, which asked participating companies whether they’d used paid cloud services during the year ended June 30, 2014, highlighted some widely held concerns over the security, management, access to, and cost of data residing in the cloud – particularly amongst larger organisations.

Just over 30 percent of those larger organisations polled (larger organisations were identified as those with 200 or more employees) cited the risk of a security breach as a factor limiting their use of cloud services.

Another concern expressed by large organisations about cloud services is the cost, with almost 20 percent of respondents identifying high costs associated with cloud services as a barrier to adoption.

The third main concern, which was also noted as an issue by a fraction under 20 percent of the 200+ employee organisations questioned, was uncertainty over the location where their company’s data would be residing in the cloud.

While these figures can in part be attributed to a lack of understanding of the cloud services market, with just over 22 percent of larger organisations admitting that they had insufficient knowledge of the emerging sector, for the remainder who do have a good understanding of the market, these issues can present a significant obstacle to entry when it comes to cloud services adoption, even if they’re only perceived issues rather than real ones.

For instance, almost half of larger organisations who used cloud services reported a reduction in their overall IT costs, with roughly the same amount remarking on the flexibility to either scale up or scale down services as and when required.

But of course, that leaves just over half of respondents who did not experience a reduction in IT costs.

Fortunately for those companies, there is a ready-made alternative to cloud-managed archive data that addresses and allays the cost issue and the other two primary concerns expressed in the ABS survey – namely tape.

From a cost perspective, tape remains significantly cheaper than cloud storage, particularly for businesses with large volumes of archived data.

Security fears are negated by tape, with all data kept offline and in the country of origin, rather than a remote, unknown, potentially vulnerable location.

Data management is also addressed more effectively with tape. For example, Iron Mountain allows 24/7 access within 60 minutes to physical backups in metro locations.

While there is no doubt that there is a strong market out there for cloud services, and one that is likely to continue to grow as the market matures and the understanding of the available offerings become more widespread, the survey findings clearly demonstrate that there also remains a huge market for traditional data management and storage platforms, such as tape.

To find out more about how our tape storage management solutions can solve the cost, security and data management concerns within your organisation, visit our website.

1More detail on the “PAID CLOUD COMPUTING IN AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS” survey can be found on the ABS website