Protect your organisation with Offsite Tape Storage

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A comprehensive data security strategy should be inclusive of backup encryption. Those in charge of the data protection should be very careful about their backup methodology in order to find out if there are any loopholes that they need to rectify. An effective and often used method of ensuring backup security is protecting backup data through offsite tape storage.

How can you use tape to protect your data?

It is never a good idea to depend on a single copy of data. With tape media you not only get the promise of a long life…it can also effectively withstand physical and environmental damage. The recommended step should be to copy the backup tapes and then to send it for offsite storage. And how will you copy backup tapes? The recommended procedure is to write a new tape from the original tape.

This method actually gives you two benefits:

  • One, it lets you find out whether the backup tape is readable or not
  • Two, it eliminates the threat of data loss if the single tape somehow gets lost or destroyed.

Quite often, organisations cite ‘lack of time’ for not having a duplication policy. “Backups take too much time” and duplicating the data in a timely fashion becomes difficult. However, this is not really justifiable.

Here are the steps you can take to address this issue.

  • First, you can optimise the backup policy so that the time required to complete the original backup comes down significantly
  • Then, you can use multiple tape drives with high-speed quality to create another copy that can be sent to the offsite storage facility
  • You can also avail of some backup software packages with which you can create both the original and a copy simultaneously.

Apply these methods and save time in creating your backups and copies. Regardless of organisation size, a combination of virtual tape libraries and high-speed tape devices along with professional services can help you to achieve this agenda.

Take every step possible to protect your backups. Take charge…before it is too late.