Tape Backup and Data Storage Solutions


Hundreds of companies across Australia trust Iron Mountain to provide secure tape backup solutions and vault-based storage, so they can maximise their IT investments and stay focused on core business activities.

Our offsite vault storage and tape backup solutions are designed for businesses of all sizes, so you can find and retrieve the information you need without any fuss. This not only helps you make better business decisions, but also allows you to maintain compliance with all government and industry regulations. Our locally based data centres have industry-leading 24/7 emergency response with a secure chain of custody to reduce the risk of downtime and data loss.

Our secure vaults are also climate-controlled, fire-protected and designed to withstand natural disasters to protect your media and tape products. We provide a range of security measures, including CCTV monitoring, to help you stay in control of your data while enjoying complete peace of mind.

Our tape backup and storage services also help you reduce the burden and costs associated with managing your data, so your IT team can focus on more strategic business tasks. Partnering with Iron Mountain means you’ll have one supplier for all your tape-based storage needs, so you can reduce operating costs, manage risk and maximise the resources in your organisation.


icon1Get back up and running

Reduce downtime by moving tapes offsite into the care of a trusted third party with proven resources, technology and experience.

icon2Know you’re protected

With Iron Mountain; your information will be protected by the most robust security processes in the industry.

icon3Access it when you need it

Our 24/7 emergency response ensures that you can access your data you need when you need it. We follow proven best practices so you’ll know exactly where everything is located.